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Why does a webpage about famous Irish shipwrecks include true Titanic facts? Didn’t the Titanic sink south of Newfoundland more than two thirds on its way to New York, and far far away from Ireland? Yes, this is true. But nonetheless, there is a strong Northern Ireland connection. In this and subsequent pages you will discover some amazing facts about the world’s most famous maritime disaster and the Irish connection.


The Titanic before embarking on its fatal voyage. Photo Source: Public Domain.

Facts on the Titanic

Work Began: March 1909

Launched: May 1911

Completed: March 1912

Where: Belfast

By Who: Harland and Wolff

For: White Star Line

Key People: Bruce Ismay, Chairman, White Star Line

Lord Pirrie, Chairman, Harland and Wolff

Thomas Andrews, Chief Designer

Workers Involved in Building it: 3,000

Total Harland and Wolff Workforce Then: 15,000

Cost of Construction: $7.5 million ($400+ mil. today’s prices)

Other Titanic Facts

Ship Type: Ocean Liner

Displacement: 46,328 tons

Length: 269 meters (883 ft)

Height: 53.3 meters (175 ft)

Beam: 28 meters (92 ft)

Draught: 10.5 meters (34 ft 7 in)

Decks: 9

Power: 46,000 hp

Speed: 23 knots

Crew: 899

First Class: 739

Second Class: 674

Third Class: 1026

Lifeboats: 1186

These are some of the basic facts about the boat. Continue to the following pages to read about its first and fateful trip, the sinking and the reasons for the sinking. You will also be able to see photographs and hear the now famous tune taken from the movie Titanic.

More Ture Titanic Facts

Why not read more about the Construction of the Titanic. You can also read about the the sinking of the Titanic? It comes in three parts. Part 1 deals with the beginning of the fateful voyage; part 2 about the collision and the events surrounding it; and part 3 about the final moments.

Read also about the Mystery Ship that could have saved many more passengers but somehow didn’t. Read also about the heroic Titanic Band that played music to the end, as well as the Passengers, some famous and most not but still precious human beings whose loss was tragic or their salvation a feat. Read also about the survivors.

By reading all the above pages we hope you will have a good grasp of the history of Titanic and the major true Titanic facts.

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