North Antrim Coast

So, you have arrived in Northern Ireland and you are keen to start touring. There is so much to see and you don’t want to miss a day. Where do you start? Our favorite tour was the Antrim Coast, also known as the Causeway Coastal Route. We have called the tour, tourism Antrim coast. It …

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Northern Ireland Photos

When it comes to Northern Ireland photos, the photographer is overwhelmed by the land’s beauty; So were we. Although not professional photographers, we present our photos with pride. The serene and pleasant hills and meadows; the rugged coastline; the raging ocean waves crushing on the rocks; the historic buildings and places; it is hard to …

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Northern Ireland Hotels

Northern Ireland hotels come in many shapes and forms. Some are part of well known international hotel chains, located usually in city centres and catering to business travelers and those who want something familiar. Most, Northern Irish hotels however, are smaller family owned businesses, spread throughout the beautiful landscape of Norther Ireland. Some are located …

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