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Dunluce castle, Northern Ireland: Medieval castle ruins near the shipwrecks of the spanish armada Girona and the passenger liner Exmouth

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I don’t have any questions but…I just wanted to thank you for this precious website! I accidentally bumped into it while looking for stuff online and

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Hello, I would like to know how much time to allow to stop by Kinbane Castle, Northern Ireland and take the trail down and back (without lingering). I

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This girl in my history class has red hair and the teacher always looks at her when he says Irish.

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Hi, Just wanted to say I love your page. We will be moving back in a year or so. People can’t believe we want to move there but I constantly miss it.

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Hi,on Silent Valley, are dogs allowed on car park and dam? not hound of the Baskervilles, just a westie. Thanks

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Greetings, Irish soda bread sounds really good to me. Thanks, Brigid

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I’ve been wanting to go to N. Ireland for years and I think I’m gonna take the jump and do it next summer. Your website was so informative. Wanted

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Charming that is what I would call your website, my ancestors are from Ulster counties now in the Republic of Ireland. It would be nice to see a section

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Carrickfergus Castle famous history, meaning of the name and photos from our visit to this great gem of Northern Ireland

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So I went to Ireland for a week and spent most of my days in Belfast. One of the things I got to see was Cave Hill….it was AWESOME!!!! The hike was great

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Ancient Vikings – they came, they conquered, they impacted the history of Ireland. Read about their exploits and influece.

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Glenariff Forest Park – a splendind park in the heart of Antrim

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Carrickfergus Castle Weddings: How to book, whom to contact, what to keep in mind, description of venue, interview with local bride who was married in Carrickfergus Castle

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Belleek Pottery and Belleek Marks – facts you want to know about some of the worlds most famous china

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Translink Northern Ireland has an extensive network of buses and trains for safe and comfortable travel in Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland Travel Attractions – Read about the best places to visit in this fascinating country!

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Drunk driving is prohibited and dealt with seriously by the law in Northern Ireland. If you are a tourist planning to drive in Northern Ireland. Take the following advice very seriously.

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Driving direction in UK – adjustments you have to make to driving on the left, UK Road system, Maps and navigation, Speed limits, how to negotiate roundabouts, and the latest on Seatbelt safety and dr

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Contact us with your suggestions, we would love to know what you think

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Giant’s Causeway by Katrina Muir, Glasgow

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Visiting Fermanagh County, where my grandfather was born & raised before emigrating to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, we stayed at Dromard House B&B

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Thank you for your webpage of very good information and interesting stuff!! I am travelling to the Republic and Northern Ireland this year and have been

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Love your site, Esther. My husband, my son and I are planning on visiting No. Ireland in the summer. (We need to save money first!). My ancestors are

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Hi Esther I have just read your travel blog on Scarva Village and would just like to update you on the fact that the Tea Rooms are now under new management.

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Love your website. I live in Northern Ireland and had not heard of some of the places to visit – like Kinbane Castle! I read about the Gobbins Path on

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Dear Esther Are you still working with this website? I am so charmed at the (artful)way you have captured a spirit of NI, and its low-key attractions.

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Hey! Hope life is treating you well! While browsing for some travel related content, I came across your blog

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Just discovered your great website while looking for photos of Carlingford. You cover so much information that’s really helpful. I was born in NI and love

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