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We have collected some Northern Ireland coastline photos which we hope you will like. Northern Ireland has some dramatic coastal landascapes, especially in County Antrim. We traveled the Antrim coastal route many times and every time we were still amazed by the beauty and drama of it. Our lenses have captured some of it on camera, but ensure you visit to see it first hand.

This photo was taken on a cold but sunny spring day going down towards Ballintoy Harbour.

This is a photo of the Mourne Mountains taken from St. John’s Point. Photo Credits: Steven Jamison.

Magnificent Coney Island in County Down, Northern Ireland. Photo Credits: Steven Jamison.

A quiet bay on the rugged Country Antrim coast. Photo Credits:

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is one of Northern Ireland’s popular attractions. Apart from the rope bridge, the path towards it that follows the coastline is scenic and affords some beautiful vistas. Photo Credits:

This photo was taken by our friend and artist, Steven. It is taken from Portmuck Beach. When the sun is hot, this is our favourite Beach in Islandmagee.
Steven took this photo and next too. Isn’t the sunset lovely!
You can see the Black Arch at the distance, that marks the beginning of the Scenic Antrim Coast Road, north of Larne.

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