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Tyrone is geographically the second largest county in the province of Ulster, Northern Ireland. Current population of this county is more than 170,000 people. County Tyrone and Omagh both are an example of Irish-English life in Northern Ireland, England. and the United Kingdoms.
Tyrone is situated in the north of the island of Ireland and is one of the six counties that form the northern Ireland. It covers an area of 3,155 square km, adjoining the south western shore of Lough Neagh with its county town being Omagh.

It is the seventh largest of the 32 counties of Ireland area wise and eight in terms of population.  The county’s name Tyrone has been derived from the Irish-name Tír Eoghain meaning “Eoghan’s land”.

Shoreline is considered as the largest lake in Ireland. Lough Neagh is bordered by the flat peatlands of East Tyrone. The river rises gradually across the more mountainous terrain towards the west of the county, surrounding the area of Sperrin Mountains at the height of 678m.

There are plenty of Hamlets and villages to visit in Tyrone, that may interest you very much. One of them being Clogher-Steepend in legend, which has a very interesting ancient fact behind it that interests a lot of people who like to study about facts. It was an eighteenth century cathedral, which was a medieval one earlier and a monastery before that. St MacCairthinn was said to be the first bishop of Clogher, and was considered as the strong man of St. Patrick.

Tourists visit Tyrone all round the year to enjoy its vibrant culture and heritage along with the locations. There are three major tourists’ attractions that people look up to, namely, the Arboe Monument, Dromore Mound, and Gortin Glen. The well-known Arboe monument is located at the Arboe point, on the western shore of Lough Neagh. It belongs to a late period in which sculptures were developed free standing with ringed crosses. However, it is currently under reconstruction after the upper part fell in the year 1846, but it still stands 18 feet high. The carvings in the sculpture depict various stories, some of them signifies evidences like the Last Supper and crusification.

Another place which interests a lot of people is the Dromore Mound which is the remain of an ancient Motte & Bailey, located a few hundred meters from the town centre. It is one of the finest heritages and arch facts, present even today and is preserved by the Historic Monuments Branch of the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland.

Towards the west of Gortin village, on the Omagh Road, is the Gortin Glen. It is an area characterized by fantastic panoramic views and the lakes of Gortin. The Gortin Glen forest park is also located at this place, which provides a lot of beautiful walks and also a drive through the forest. One look at this park and you can easily make out the difference in the number of trees in the rest of the place and the park. This central place is popular for being high tech and has something for everyone.

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