Ardboe Old Cross, County Tyrone

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Ardboe Old Cross in County Tyrone inspires many Christians who visit this high cross from all over the world to admire the intricate Biblical carvings on its sandstone surface. Situated on small hillock in Northern Ireland, there are 22 carved sections of this sculpted stone cross which depict many scenes from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. There is a legend associated with Ardboe Old Cross, according to which it is thought to have been built around 9th or 10th century. It is believed that a ‘Magic Cow’ which emerged from the Lough Neagh gave lashings of cream, milk and butter to artisans and others to help build the cross.  

As the first high cross built in Ulster and also the tallest in Northern Ireland, it is given due respect as a national monument. One can also discover the remains of a 16th century church and an abbey established by Saint Coleman in the graveyard in 590. However, the highlight of this heritage site that delights history lovers is its 3.5 feet wide and 18.5 feet high stone which was originally a part of a monastery.

Although much of its beauty has been diminished over the years, Ardboe Old Cross is still famous and is one of the most photographed high crosses in Ireland. However, the hill on which it is located has not yet suffered the onslaught of visitors and thus, retains its pristine peacefulness. This place attracts attention of innumerable people every year, especially those interested history and religion.       

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Ardboe Old Cross
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