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Translink Northern Ireland

Train Services There are four train services and all begin in Belfast.

  • The Belfast-Londonderry begins at Belfast Great Victoria Street and ends in Londonderry. It goes through Antrim, Ballymena, Coleraine and other smaller towns.
  • The Belfast-Larne service likewise begins at Great Victoria Street and ends at Larne harbour less than 25 miles away. Scenic places on the way include Carrickfergus and Whitehead.
  • The Belfast-Bangor service starts at Great Victoria and ends at Bangor. Notable stops on the way include Cultra where the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is located, and Crawfordsburn, a beautiful park and scout camp near the beach and next to posh Helen’s Bay, affording excellent walks and pic-nic opportunities.
  • Finally, the Enterprise service goes from Belfast to Dublin and passes important towns like Portadown and Newry.
  • Translink’s Journey Planner allows you to plan your route by bus or train around Northern Ireland. You can plan your trip up to 28 days in advance.

    Translink have a JourneyMap to assist you in your planning. Just zoom in for a more detailed map.

    A bit of information on the different bus schemes run by translink:

    Ulsterbus: This bus service connects all major towns and villages across all of Northern Ireland.

    Goldline: Express bus that connects the major towns. There are Goldline Express routes and Goldline Express high frequency. For more information on the routes, check the JourneyMap.

    Metro. Metro is the previously called Citybus service and serves the Belfast city area.

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