The Exmouth shipwreck in Northern Ireland

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The Exmouth

Apart from the The Girona, the waters of the North Antrim coast were the scene of another maritime disaster with great loss of life.

The ship was a passenger one that sailed from Londonderry to Quebec on April 25, 1847. Aboard where 11 crewmen, 244 Irish immigrants. The ship was only registered for 165 passengers, but a large number of the passengers were children and two children were counted as one adult passenger hence the 244.

By the end of the first day the gentle breeze that blew at the beginning of the trip had grown to a gale. It blew the ship westerly and then west-northerly for a day a few miles off the North Antrim Coast. Before 1:00 in the morning on October 28 she struck rocks on the coast of Islay and sunk. Only 3 crew members survived.

108 bodies were found ashore on the island of Islay and were buried in a common tomb in Tràigh Bhàn, where a memorial also stands.

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