Northern Ireland Flag: Not one, but many!


Northern Ireland Flag (s)!

The one official flag of Northern Ireland is the Union Jack Flag.

The other one that can be used in official situations is the Royal Standard Flag.

There is of course, the Ulster Flag (or Ulster 6 Counties flag or Red Hand Ulster Flag), an unofficial flag that was once official.

Apart from these, there are a host of others, some rather controversial. Here are a few of the prominent ones.

Saint Patrick’s Saltire

Flag of Ireland

Independent Ulster Flag

Saint Andrew’s Cross

Province of Ulster

Four Provinces of Ireland

Orange Order Flags

As is evident from the above Northern Ireland has a rich flag culture.

Sadly, some flags have been associated with the Troubles and have become symbols of conflict.

If you are travelling through a town or neighborhood and see a host of flags flying, chances are that it is an area with strong political views.

Despite their strong association with the troubles, flags have their own beauty and hopefully now that things have quieted and as the sectarian strife moves into the realm of history, the tension associated with the flying of some of the flags will dissipate and they will become symbols of friendship.

Photo credits: Photo no.1 David Boyle at Flickr

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