Northern Ireland day trips to the Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland Day trips across the border? Oh, yes, why not!

You cannot contain beauty in geographical borders. We lived and loved Northern Ireland but that didn’t stop us to take day trips across the border.

We wanted to see as much of the island as it was possible. Here are some of the trips we took across the border,days that our family has enjoyed immensely.

Carlingford was voted as Ireland’s Destination of Excellence for 2008.

From Newry to Carlingford it is only 11 miles (19 km); from Belfast a mere 36 (57 km). The road from Newry onwards follows the coast and the drive is very scenic.

Carlingford is nestled between Slieve Foy and the sea, so ensure you take this tour on a reasonable day so that you can enjoy the stunning landscape and views.

Newgrange, is the Republic’s foremost archeological attraction.

If it is winter,then chances are you will not be able to fit in much more as Newgrange itself requires a minimum of two hours. Don’t forget that it will be dark around 4pm.

During the longer and more pleasant summer days you can combine a visit to Newgrange with quick stops at Mellifont Abbey, Ireland’s oldest Cistercian Abby, Monasterboice, an ancient monastery with some magnificent Celtic crosses, the site of the Battle of the Boyne next to the Boyne river, and an evening rest and pic nic on the serene grounds of Ardgillan Castle.

This is a day trip you can take if you are based near Belfast, Banbridge or Armagh, in the south-east part of Northern Ireland.


The third itinerary begins from the west part of Northern Ireland.

Start your trip preferably from Enniskillen in County Fermanagh, though Londonderry will do as well.

It takes in parts of Donegal and the amazing Slieve League. This is the longest tour at roughly 150 miles (240 km) and the roads are not built for quick travel so ensure you leave as early in the morning as you can and expect a late evening return.

Stay tuned, more itineraries to come…