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In discussions among politicians and individuals interested in politics, one of the topics that has appeared from time to time is the possibility that Ulster should be an independent country, separate from both the UK and the Republic of Ireland. In such a scenario, this flag was proposed by Ulster Nationalists. It combines a number of elements from the history of Ulster and attempts to mark its own course. Whether Ulster will ever be an independent nation is very difficult to determine. However, since the idea has been discussed and since in these pages we are talking about the different flags that make their appearance in Northern Ireland, these pages would not be complete without a brief discussion of this flag.


  • The blue background comes from the Scottish flag. Throughout history Scotland has had close ties with Northern Ireland and therefore it is not surprise that Scottish blue is chosen as the background of the flag. The red saltire is Saint Patrick’s Saltire.
  • The Red Hand of Ulster is Ulster’s best known heraldic symbol and appears in other flags too. A flag for an independent Ulster would therefore be incomplete without this well known symbol.
  • The star is taken from the The Ulster Flag but now in yellow instead of white in accordance with the Provincial Ulster Flag.
  • Now that you know all about this flag, why don’t you read about the other unofficial flags of Northern Ireland?

    Unofficial Flags flown in Northern Ireland:

    Saint Patrick’s Saltire

    Flag of Ireland

    Saint Andrew’s Cross

    The Province of Ulster Flag or Ulster Flag (Nine Counties).

    The Four Provinces of Ireland.

    Orange Order Flags.

    Are you sure you know which is the Official flag of Northern Ireland?

    Read about:

    The Union Jack Flag

    The Royal Standard Flag

    The Ulster Flag (or Ulster 6 Counties flag or Red Hand Ulster Flag)

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