Legananny Dolmen

Legananny Dolmen Legananny is perhaps the most famous and the most photographed dolmen in Northern Ireland and one of the better known ones in Europe. A dolmen is a megalithic ancient tomb dating from very ancient times. There are thousands of dolmens and megaliths in Ireland and across Europe. You can read more about them …

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Devenish Island

Devenish Island is one of those lovely places that somehow don’t see many visitors. Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Was it my love for history? Was it the misty cold weather that added a sense of mystery? Or was it simply the beauty of the landscape? Whatever it was, it was inscribed in my …

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Slemish Mountain

Slemish Mountain is a peculiarly shaped mountain in Northern Ireland near the city of Ballymena. It rises to a height of nearly 1,500 feet (450 meters). Geologists tell us that it is the remains of an extinct volcano. The top of the mountain has very rugged and steep slopes in contrast to the lower gentler …

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