by Garreth

The great Ulster Fry is fantastic to taste and smell but what about calories and cholesterol? Well, here is a healthier version. Enjoy!It is different from the English breakfast for several reasons. It does not contain baked beans, ever. It will also feature both soda bread and potato bread. Soda bread is a kind of flat bread. Potato bread is made with potatoes and is one of the nicest things in the world! Now, a while ago, I ‘created’ a new breakfast kind of by chance, and, being a nice kind of a guy, I am going to share it with you. It is a layered affair, and here are the layers from the bottom up:-slice of fried potato bread (must be fried until crispy)one or two slices of Quorn Streaky Strips (a vegetarian and healthier meat substitute) (again, fried till crispy)some fried mushrooms – big flat mushrooms are best one poached egg – with the yolk still softholandaise sauce