Best Potato Salad Recipe – Irish Style

Best Potato Salad Recipe

Potato salads are popular the world over. A well prepared homemade potato salad is a tasty and versatile food. It can be a good side dish, can be prepared a number of ways depending on your taste and is easy to combine with other foods. Furthermore, the fact that it is eaten cold and can be transported easily makes it an ideal food to take on a picnic. The question is, how to make a potato salad without spending too long in the kitchen. The Irish being experts on the use of potatoes know how to make good potato salads. So here we will tell you one of the ways the Irish make it. We will give you an Irish potato salad recipe that is popular in the South as well as in Northern Ireland.

Ingredients – serves 6

750 kg potatoes (about 2 lbs)

¾ mayonnaise

¼ cup milk

4 tablespoons Greek extra virgin olive oil

6 fresh onions

2 tablespoons fresh mint

salt to taste


Wash the potatoes well and boil them in their skin until they are soft. Preferably use new potatoes but the recipe will also work with old. Peel off the skin and cut them into small pieces. Mix in the olive oil and season them with salt. Wait till the potatoes have cooled. Whisk the mayonnaise and the milk together and add them to the potatoes, mixing the two well. Chop finely the fresh onions and mix them with the potatoes and the mayonnaise. Lastly, chop the mint and sprinkle it over the potato salad. Your Irish potato salad is ready.

If you plan to take your potato salad on a picnic store it in a cool box until you are ready to eat, especially if the weather is hot. It will not only taste better but it will preserve longer. Enjoy!

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