Belfast Castle Weddings

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Belfast Castle Weddings

Belfast Castle Weddings

Are you looking for creative wedding ideas? We may have an answer. Belfast Castle has been a familiar landmark, towering over Belfast city for over 120 years. A popular tourist destination, many couples also choose this famous location as a unique wedding venue.

Peter from Peter Thomas Photography explores this venue and asks why it has become so popular.


The Castle is owned by Belfast City Council and is fully licensed for wedding ceremonies. You can choose to have a registrar or church person perform the service. The castle is extremely flexible – with a choice of three rooms depending on the size of the wedding. You can choose to have just the wedding ceremony at the castle – or the entire reception including food and party. The castle has gained a good reputation for the quality of food it serves.

But what makes this location really unique is mostly visual. The castle is a great place for wedding photographs – with well maintained gardens which include a fountain and panoramic views of Belfast Lough.


The castle makes your wedding photographer’s job quite easy – with a variety of interesting steps, seats, doors and other features providing a good range of possibilities.


Anyone who lives in Northern Ireland will know that it never rains (!), but if it happens to be poor weather, the castle offers a range of indoor options. The rooms upstairs are often free, and provide a range of fireplaces, windows and other ornate features.

So why has Belfast Castle become so popular? There are numerous reasons – but there are few venues which offer such a rich history, great gardens, good food and a memorable day for all.

To inquire about holding a wedding at Belfast Castle visit their website at or telephone +44 (0)28 9077 6925.

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