Must-do Tours Northern Ireland and top places to see

Tours Northern Ireland

So you have decided to visit my secret Tourist destination (at last, what took you so long!); or maybe you are already there. You are crouching over a map and are trying to plan you itinerary. You are wondering which places are worth a visit and which you can skip. Relax… Here is a list of some of the most fascinating places. Take your pick.

Giant’s Causeway

Even if you don’t like natural attractions, you MUST plan a visit to Giant’s Causeway, the foremost natural wonder with the greatest claim to fame. Don’t miss it. And since you are there, marvel at the dramatic location of Dunluce castle

Rathlin Island

If you want to beat the crowds, go off the beaten track, to Rathlin Island, a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Mourne Mountains.

The crown of Ulster. Full of heather and ragged beauty, they will mesmerise you. If you enjoy hiking / trekking, you might want to try the challenge of climbing Slieve Donard (read our story!), the highest peak in Northern Ireland.

Or, if you are close enough to the border, you might want to pop over to the Republic of Ireland for a day trip across the border.

More Tours Northern Ireland to be added soon. Come back and check on us, we have so many things to tell you, we wish we had more hours in the day!

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